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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate at the YMCA?

All individuals are welcome to attend the Campanelli YMCA programs and use our facilities as members regardless of race, ability, religion, sex, national origin, or level of income. In upholding our commitment that “Everyone is Welcome,” the Campanelli YMCA acknowledges and honors the wide range of religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs that volunteers, members, staff and community participants may hold. The YMCA respects the range of beliefs in our community by modeling acceptance, inclusion, compassion and love. We embrace the worth of each individual and assist them in developing their unique gifts and abilities.

How can I join the Y?

The Campanelli YMCA is a membership organization. For more information on the various types of membership, please visit our Membership page, or visit any or our locations for personal assistance.

What is the difference between a Facility Membership and a Program Membership?

Facility Membership is designed for regular users of our facilities and/or programs at the YMCA location of the member’s choice. Members receive year round program access and facility use. Most programs are offered at no additional cost, and there are savings on programs where a fee is charged.

Program Membership provides an alternative to facility membership for those who wish to enroll in only selected classes/programs. It does not include fitness or aquatics facility privileges.

Does the Y offer financial assistance?

Yes. Thanks to the generosity of members, small businesses, corporations and foundations, the Campanelli YMCA is able to offer financial assistance to keep Y programs affordable for all, regardless of the ability to pay. For more information, go to Financial Assistance, on this website.

May I volunteer my time to help the YMCA serve the community?

Volunteering is an important part of the energy and excellence of the YMCA. YMCA volunteers work at each location, they serve on committees, and some lead as members of the Board of Directors. We are grateful for all volunteer help and we need a wide range of skills and interests to meet the needs of the organization. To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please view our Volunteering page.

Is the YMCA a charitable organization?

Yes, the Campanelli YMCA is a non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS with a 501(c)3 charitable designation. All donations made to the Campanelli YMCA are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. When you donate money, one-hundred percent of your donation is used to subsidize program costs or to provide financial assistance to those in need.  Click here for more information about making a donation.

Who are contributors to the YMCA?

Individuals, families, businesses, foundations, churches and civic groups all support the work of the YMCA.

Is the YMCA affiliated with the YWCA?

No, we are independent non-profit organizations, each with a strong mission. The YMCA’s primary focus is preventative programming that helps youth and teens reached their fullest potential, in environments that promote health in spirit, mind and body for all. Our goal is to help shape productive lives by providing positive alternatives early in life. The YWCA’s primary focus is serving women and their children through intervention programs.

Why should I give to the YMCA when I am not a member?

Your support is still needed. A strong YMCA in our community provides meaningful opportunities, positive experiences and caring adult role models that help youth grow into responsible adults.  That benefits every community member, regardless of YMCA involvement.

How do you register for programs?

Online registration is available for summer day camp, youth sports and swim lessons. Please follow the instructions on the registration section of this website. Registration for all other programs must be completed at the branch. We welcome you to come in at your convenience and a YMCA staff member will assist you with the registration process.

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